Streamline your office

Ever wonder if your office can be PAPERLESS?  Yes it can.

Imagine all your files, the files on your computer, the files in the filing cabinets, the files in storage, imagine them all available to you in one place on your network. Imagine all the staff with that same ability. Now imagine searching for a name, or a file number, and every piece of paper, Word or Excel document and PDF file show up on your screen with that word or file number in it. Can you imagine how much time you would save? Can you imagine how much money you would save?

You don't have to imagine it, you can have that NOW!

Document Storage & Management

All companies are required to save files for years. Space is expensive, especially to store paper. Time is wasted every day looking for paper. If it was all electronic, files scanned into your PC network, you would have all that data at your desk. With an inexpensive off-site backup service you could protect your data.

STOP the staff from wandering the building looking for a file. There is software that is simple to use and cost effective as a solution to your file storage problem.

Who am I?

I am an I.T. support tech working with many companies in many fields.  For 20 years I have helped my customers with PC's, networking, infrastructure and going paperless.  I'm located in Edmonton but regularly look after my customers in Saskatchewan and southern Alberta.